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Drive Storage

Drives and storage devices on a computer system is usually a fixed device ( fixed ) and removable devices ( temporary ) .
Type " These tools include:

Floppy Disc Drive ( FDD )
Hard Disc Drive ( HDD )
Compact Disc Drive ( CD Drive ) and Digital Versatile Drive ( DVD )
flash disc
Memory Card
magneto Tape
Magneto Optical Drive
explanation :
Floppy Disc Drive ( FDD )
Is the type of drive is removeable storage . The drive device uses electromagnetic technology to read and fill data to storage media ( storage ) . The shape of the storage media is usually in the form of thin sheets to form a data disc made ​​of polymer plastic materials with Silicon Micro- powder coating on both surfaces .
Hard Disc Drive ( HDD )
Is the development of FDD by using the media to be fixed ( permanent ) in the drive . Storage media in the form of a metal disc material Zinc Aluminium which has a capacity of around 20x s / d +10 million x FDD capacity storage media .
Compact Disc / Digital Versatile Disc
This type of media that utilizes optical laser technology to read and store the burn / write the data to the surface of the media . The nature of the medium is removable with capacities between 150MB s / d 200 GB .
flash Disc
An electromagnetic storage that is removeable . Media storage utilizing memory chip that has a certain capacity . The current capacity of between 16MB s / d 128GB .
Memory Card
Type Storage removeable storage media in the form of micro memory chip . Capacity and models of this form of storage have some standardization among others : Memory Stick , MMC , SD , TransFlash , etc. with a capacity of 8MB s / d 64GB .
magneto Tape
Storage is the first computer storage media such as magnetic tape that is removeable . Media type and Massih Tape Drives Magneto used on multiple devices such as Mainframe ( Super Server ) .
magneto Optical
Is a type of drives and storage technology that utilizes two systems at the same time to read he wrote (Electromagnetic & Optical Laser ) . Is removeable storage media with capacities between 20MB s / d 20GB


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